About us

Liquori dell’Elba S.r.l. is an entirely Elban company: both in the location of its production department and in the choice of raw materials, and it is the only company traditionally present in the territory to produce liqueurs.

The herbs used to produce Mortella, the berries of Myrtle, and the leaves of wild mint are all collected in the lush scrubland of Elba, while the citrus fruits for making Limoncino come from lemon houses scattered throughout the beautiful countryside of the island.

All the liqueurs of Liquori dell’Elba, to guarantee their authenticity, are naturally obtained through infusion without the addition of colorings, preservatives, or other artificial flavors.


Liquori dell'Elba srl
Via Costa Nera 308, 57034 Campo nell'Elba Italia
Tel: 0565 979 095
Fax: 0565 979 095
P.IVA Liquori dell’elba srl 01710210491


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