Ordina entro il 18/12/2022 per la spedizione standard entro Natale. Gli altri ordini riprenderanno dopo il 09/01/2023


Mirto’s berries are harvested in the lush Mediterranean and subjected to a wash in cold water to remove impurities . They are then collected in wooden barrels and steel silos to prepare for the infusion process .

The infusion is carried out through maceration in alcohol. Separately, another infusion is prepared with mint , fennel and catmint (always strictly collected in our lush Mediterranean ) and leave to infuse .

After the soaking , the two infusions are mixed together to be blended together . To finish the product , water and sugar are added to the mixture, with no addition of flavors or colourants .

Then it starts the bottling process in which the glass bottles are placed on conveyor belts. They are washed and dried in order to give a further guarantee of hygiene.

At the end, bottles are filled in onto sterile plants isobaric. At this point, the filled bottles are capped, encapsulated, labelled and, finally, they are ready for storage.

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